Sunday, 8 September 2013


The ASUU chairman Dr. Isa Fagge has said that the union is continuing its nationwide industrial action in accordance with the advice of the students. He stated this in a telephone chat with SUNDAY PUNCH. According to him, Nigerian students are tired of the incessant strike by ASUU due to the inability of FG to implement the 2009 agreement it had with the union and ASUU is ready to comply with the advice of the students to continue the strike till their demands are met. In his words, “Our students have come out to say they don’t want us to call off the strike until the FG answers us, because they don’t want us to call off now and later we go back to strike again. So, we are heeding the advice of our students”. He further stated thus, “Now, government has pulled out of the dialogue. We thought we were the ones going on strike, but now government has also gone on strike”.


  1. Fagge are u dreaming o what,how many students did u interview n told u dat d strike should continue? If @ all any did,dat person most b ur child n foolish as u ar cos ur ppl ar greedy weither o non of ur demands ar granted,u wl certainly com up wit anoda demands afta 2yr n then go on dis strike bt if care is nt takn u guz wl pay dearly 4 dis. Jst watch n c.

  2. I think d guy is jus a dreamer.
    They shud wait until students strike.mtchew